Sunday, March 16, 2008

Getting Along

The all Grey kitty is our wild child (Koby) he's a Russian Blue and his little buddy laying with him in his bed is my mothers kitty smokie. I was kinda worried that they wouldn't get along saying we were keeping smokie for the winter while my parents were in AZ for the winter. As you can see they got along fine. Smokie would always keep Koby in his place at times though. We get smokie next winter also. Hope they remain buddys.



chicoreco said...

The kitty's are just adorable sleeping together like that.


laos348 said...

Very cute!

Carol said...

grrrrrrrrrrrr This is the 3rd time I've tried. Grrrrrrrrrr

Love your blog and the new color

Poota Carol

lezzels said...

if at first you dont succeed

Shelley said...

Love the pictures of the cats together.

We have two cats...Scooter and Cricket. It always makes me smile to see them cozied up together.

Kittykat said...

Thank you girls for the lovely comments.