Saturday, March 8, 2008

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e said...

You have a great blog!
Let me invite you and
everyone you want to:
Present yourself
and meet your friends.
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Stac said...

Hey Connie!
Congrat's on starting your blog! I just started mine today too!!! you'll have to check it out!! I should of been stampin' all afternoon, instead I've had my nose in this computer, trying to figure out this blog stuff!! :)
Have fun!
See ya at Kota's!
Love: Stac

bonnie said...


WOW! A BLOG! Nice job. What is that picture of the bridge? If you think I will cross it, not! I look forward to reading your blog daily so keep it up ok. I cant wait to do mine.

laos348 said...

Hey Connie! Congrats on starting the new blog - can't wait to see more!

chicoreco said...

Congrats on your blog Connie!!
Interesting about the bridge too-would love to see it one day.