Tuesday, March 11, 2008

This is the Mackinaw bridge. It's located in my State of MI. It's surounded by Lake Michigan. It opened up in 1957 to traffic. It's the 3rd largest suspension bridge in the world. It's the longest suspension bridge between cable anchorages. It's located in the upper peninsula ( The straits ) The bridge is 5 miles long and every labor day thousands of people walk across this bridge, Which you won't find me there. It's bad enough to ride across it. There's 4 great lakes and one of the great lakes, Lake Superior is the lake that the Edmund Fitzgerald went down in and 29 men lost there lives. The song that Gordon Lightfoot sings about. Just wanted to add a little bit of history.

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Pearl said...

Connie...I hope you don't live on the opposite side....I wouldn't be able to get acrosst to see you ....unless sedated!
I am scared to death of bridges and don't like water like that either..........
Great Blog so far Sistah:)